Good Friday, Easter around Lake Geneva: markets and processions

GENEVA, Switzerland – Good Friday, an official holiday in 24 out of 26 cantons in Switzerland (strangely not in two of the most Catholic, Valais and Ticino) is commemorated with markets, processions and Via Crucis. Then, on Monday, in addition to religious services a few good Easter egg hunts. Check it out. 

Geneva: Good Friday farmers market, concerts, egg hunt and small fleamarket in Plainpalais and free classical music concert at HUG.

Romont: an impressive cortege of a cross bearer and 20 veiled women known as les pleureses de Romont or wailing women, take to the fourteen stations of the cross in the picturesque town’s center. (All photos here below taken by Laila Rodriguez)

Romont weeping women good friday in switzerland Romont weeping women good friday in switzerland les pleureses de fribourg

cross bearer good friday in Switzerland

The Way of the Cross in the town of Mendrisio is a must-do. The town is filled with “Trasparenti” or drawings made on transparent cloths from the 17th and 18th centuries, showing pictures of the passion of Christ, illuminated from within. Over 600 people participate in the processions and thousands gather up to see it. (All photos here below from

Mendrisio good friday procession Mendrisio good friday procession2 241-venerdi

Easter Egg Hunts around Lake Geneva

A selection of popular, near-by hunts. Find a complete list for Easter egg hunts in France and Suisse romande on

Happy Easter!

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  1. Paul says:

    Should be spelled ‘Pleureuses’


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