New festival lives up to Geneva’s sleepy reputation

GENEVA, Switzerland – Is it art, meditation, group experimental performance art or a really cool massive sleep-y festival? I am not sure, but if “bring your own pillow and sleeping bag” is any indication, this sleep concert / nuit sonorisée is a first for Geneva.

Get ready to be lullabied to sleep by soft electronica and snooze your zzz’s next to perfect strangers (or friends alike).

From 5-9 April, this first ever music-art-experience known as Rêves et Illusions (dreams and illusions) will bring an electronica artist a night.

On 8 April, it will be Robert Rich’s album that will rock you to sleep.  The image featured in this article, captured by Yann H. Andersen, shows Rich at a sleep concert at the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre.

Just last week, a sleep concert  featuring Max Richter, of Persepolis fame, at the Kraftwerk in Berlin, was documented by The VandalList Online Magazine. Check out the amazing photos before taking the—sleep—plunge.

Doors open at 20:00, performances begin at 22:00 with doors closing at 22:30 to allow participants plenty of time to begin “their experience of falling asleep”.

Watchful eyes will keep you secure, and an herbal tea bar will provide an alternative for insomniacs until the wee hours.

Breakfast to be served between 07:00-09:00 the following day.

Where: Fonderie Kugler – 4bis, rue de la Truite – 1205 Genève –, sponsored by the Association Bamba Triste.
How to get there: Tram 14 or Bus 11, D – Bus Stop: Jonction.
Price: CHF15 to get in, pre-registration required except for the closing night:
When: 5-8 April sleep concerts;  9 April, closing

Think Geneva is sleepy? Just wait!

Sleep concert in Geneva Switzerland

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