Where to watch fireworks for the 14 July French National Day

Lake Geneva, France – Happy 14 July France! In a few hours, our neighbors in France will be commemorating the start of the French Revolution (marked by the Storming of the Bastille in 1789) and the beginning of the République with music and fireworks. 

If you are on the Swiss side hop across the border to enjoy the celebrations.

(If staying in Geneva head to the Gustave-Ador quay where you can spot some of the fireworks from surrounding towns.  If you are on the Nyon-Vevey side of Lake Geneva, chances are you’ll be able to spot the Evian fireworks.)

Where to view fireworks on 14 July?

Lake Annecy area and Pays de Montblanc (Chamonix)

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Photo by krosseel at Morguefile.com

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