Celebrating Swiss National Day on 1 August in Geneva

Where to view the fireworks for Swiss National Day around Geneva? Read on and find the full list of events / fireworks for Geneva and canton Geneva. Click HERE to see the full list 


All About Geneva


GENEVA, Switzerland – The Swiss celebrate this 1 August, 724 years of togetherness after a day in early August 1291, when three cantons, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwald (today Nidwalden and Obwalden), signed a Letter of Alliance to protect each other.

The 1291 agreement paved the road for what would become the Swiss Confederation in 1848. However, it wasn’t until 1891, when the Swiss celebrated the signing of the agreement for the first time.

True to Swiss democracy it took a public referendum 103 years later, 1994, before 1 August became a recognized federal holiday.

How is it celebrated?

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