Unspunne, the Swiss folk festival that comes once every 12 years

SWITZERLAND — If you thought that waiting a full year for the next Swiss National Day was long, imagine waiting 12! That is how long fans of the Unspunnen have waited to see the best of wrestling, flag and stone throwing, and yodeling in one place. All this Swissness will be on display at a…

Celebrating Swiss National Day on 1 August in Geneva

Originally posted on All About Geneva:
POST UPDATED FOR SWISS NATIONAL DAY 2016 GENEVA, Switzerland – The Swiss celebrate this 1 August, 724 years of togetherness after a day in early August 1291, when three cantons, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwald (today Nidwalden and Obwalden), signed a Letter of Alliance to protect each other. The 1291 agreement paved the road for what would…

Jeune Genevois: its Meaning and the Plum Pies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Businesses closed… and it is not Sunday: it is Jeûne genevois, an official day of fasting to remember the repression against Protestants almost 450 years ago.