Fire engulfs iconic Château de Divonne, a 4-star castle hotel

GENEVA – A sizable part of the well-known 4-star Château de Divonne in the French side of the greater Lake Geneva region, was completely destroyed by a fire that erupted on the evening of 18 January.

Smoke was first seen coming out of a room at around 19:00. Soon after the blaze engulfed the top floor and the attic of the hotel as captured by the cameras of the French newspaper, Le Dauphine Libéré. 

Over 80 firefighters from Divonne, France, Nyon and Geneva battled the flames for three hours.

Authorities say all guests and staff were safely evacuated.

Area residents and those who have enjoyed a stay, or a Sunday brunch at the Chateau are devastated by the destruction of one of the most iconic places in the region.

Alexis Ticard and Marcus Chaigne, residents of the area also captured the images of the ravenous fire,

Just this past December the Chateau had undergone various interior renovations.

It is not yet known what caused the fire and what is the extent of the damage but for now all hotel reservations have been cancelled.

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