Saturday Flea Market, Art and Artisans Fair in Annecy, France

ANNECY, France – The last Saturday of the month the lovely city of Annecy in neighboring France, hosts several outdoor markets including a professional sellers flea market or brocante, an art fair, and an artisans/handicrafts market.

The three separate markets take place as follows:

The art market or marché de l’art, with great displays of watercolors and paintings takes place at Vicenza et place St-François.

The artisans market, or marché des créateurs, takes place at the quai des Cordeliers. Those interested in selling their handicrafts need to request special permission to the city. (Photo at left courtesy of the city of Annecy)

The brocante or professional flea market in the old town, just steps away from both the art and handicrafts market.

For more information visit the official city website.

Enjoy your day trip from Geneva!

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