Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in Switzerland

BERN – Sexually transmitted diseases—mainly gonorrhea,  syphilis and chlamydia—are up in Switzerland and the rest of Europe in comparison to 2015.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health said on 11 November, that the number of gonorrhea cases climbed 23%, followed by those of syphilis 7% and chlamydia 5%.

Public health officials say a new gonorrhea screening test, and more frequent chlamydia testing could have contributed to increased numbers reported.

The increase in syphilis continues to insidiously affect men who have sex with men.

Click to enlarge: Number of STD cases diagnosed between 1998-2015 in Europe

A public health campaign called “Love Life: Partners Change. Safe Sex Remains.” will launch on 14 November in Switzerland.

The campaign centers on safe sex practices: using condoms during sexual relations, avoiding contact with blood, semen and vaginal fluids, and consulting a doctor if itching, discharge or pain in the genital area occur.

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