What’s On and free in Geneva in January 2017

Runners gear up to participate in the Antigel Festival run – part of a large mid-winter festival that combines art, public spaces, fun all around and a whole lot of cold! Photo courtesy Antigel Festival

GENEVA, Switzerland – Happy 2017 — here’s this month’s top picks for events in the city and canton of Geneva. A few favorites are highlighted in blue — a few kid-oriented activities in green.

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Art & Other Exhibits

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Film fests and other (Performing) Arts

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Fairs, Lectures, Conventions and other Special Events

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Food and Drink

  • 8 Jan: Leave a Cup, Take a Cup — head to the Arianna Museum before 8 January with a mug or cup with a handle, write something on a piece of paper and put it inside the cup — on 8 January at 15:00 pick up a cup and read that message that a perfect stranger left just for you — free
  • 25 Jan: Lunch Theatre — a lunch special paired with a short theatre piece in French – To Be or not to Mmm Mmm!
  • 28 Jan: Ravioli Party to celebrate the Chinese New Year — free but registration required

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Sports/Fitness Activities & Other Outdoor Activities

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