Rally in Geneva in Solidarity with Venezuelan Protests

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Large-scale protests are expected again in Caracas, Venezuela, with both pro- and anti-government supporters.

The Venezuelan diaspora worldwide in the meantime is holding peaceful anti-government rallies around the globe.

Geneva saw a couple hundred people calling for an end to “political oppression” and violence in Venezuela during a rally at Place des Nations, across from the UN.

A Facebook group called Suisse solidaire au peuple Vénézuélien called for a protest on Saturday 22 February; the same group is expected to continue to show its support with other peaceful rallies.

Below are the photos from today’s meeting posted originally in my Spanish-language blog, Noticias de Ginebra.

... y Suiza en español

GINEBRA, Suiza – Un grupo de venezolanos y personas solidarias con las demandas de miles de personas que han llevado al país latinoamericano en los últimos días a manifestaciones masivas, se reunieron en Ginebra frente a la entrada de la ONU en Ginebra.

El grupo  Suisse solidaire au peuple Vénézuélien hace parte de una manifestación mundial de solidaridad.

Reportaje audio aquí

Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva3
Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva9Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva8Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva7Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva6Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva5Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva4Venezuela en ONU Ginebra Geneva

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